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All we do is Social Security.


Unlike other attorneys, who practice everything from family law to personal injury, all we do is Social Security.  With over a thousand administrative and Social Security cases, we will zealously advocate for your cause before the Social Security Administration. 


The Social Security Administration is a large and complex bureaucracy.  It is easy to get lost in the process or have your claim fall through the cracks without the advocacy of an experienced attorney.  We know the Social Security process inside and out.  We have an excellent relationship with the people who run the local Social Security office and Hearings office.  We will make sure your claim is handled professionally, and as quickly and fairly as possible, to insure you receive the benefits you deserve.


We understand that a physical or mental disability is not just a health problem and can rapidly snowball to affect all areas of your life.  Very few people are financially fortunate enough to have the resources to wait through the long and arduous Social Security process.  As a result of being wrongfully denied their Social Security benefits, many people struggle to meet their basic, essential needs, such as shelter, food, clothing, transportation, and medical needs.  We have a strong network of community partners and know the right providers and agencies to help you meet these needs.  Just visit our resource page or give us a call. 

Available & Local

Unlike other attorneys, who may not return your call for several days, if at all, or are mega disability firms, based out of Utah or New York, we make ourselves available 3 days a week at various places in the community, where you can just come see us and talk to your attorney.  We do our best to return all calls within 24 hours, and if we don't, or you want to talk to your attorney, instead of an administrative person, just come see us at one of our outreach locations.  We are available 3 days per week for client walk-ins.  

We are Spokane natives and have been working in the Spokane community for many years doing nothing but Social Security law.  We know the people at the local office responsible for processing your claim, the judges that will hear your case, and the medical and vocational experts that will testify at your hearing.  We also know the doctors that are generally willing to advocate for their patients and the doctors who think it is not their job to give an opinion for a Social Security claim.  We also know the agencies and providers within the community that can help you gain access to the resources you need to help you through this process.  We know Spokane.

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